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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  September 13, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i ♪ . families flee in a mad dash chased outs of their homes by flames. firefighters fighting an uphill battle.
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>> it didn't spread from structure to structure. >> my sister's house burned. my dad owned the coffee town burned. >> 00 dreds lose everything until the valley fire which is still burning out of control tonight. >> late tonight we learn that one person has been killed. at least 27 others injured in this fire. hello, everyone. >> the valley fire broke out yesterday afternoon in the community of cobb. the fire stands at 50,000 acres. within the past hour, the associated press is reporting one person has died in the fire. also, more than 400 homes and businesses have burned. cal fire is reporting no containment. >> tom baker has been talking with vaquez. we're staying on top of the
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weather conditions. we went to the fire line tonight and have new video from middletown. >> first of all, still no details on the death or injuries. we're waiting on cal fire for that. what we are seeing is here in middletown and the surrounding communities just the heartbreaking aftermath of this fire. homes that are burned to the ground. and the valley fire is not finished yet. >> yet. >> they ask when they can go home. we found areas still burning sunday night. the difference now, the winds aren't whipping to carry these embers a half nile in all directions like before. >> our number one focus was lifesaver tee. >> cal fire is complaining to a crowd of people how the fire blew up so fast. >> we did the best we
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california once the fire got into town, we did the best we could. >> saturday night was horrifying, surreal for so many people who drove a bray their homes, fire all around and no certainty about what lay ahead. power poles and wires down in the chaos firefighting was second to life saving. >> we don't have a lost significant injuries out there because when fire moves this fast, it's hard to get out of its. >> i what's the containment and how long until we can go back. >> containment the crowd was told none. >> we're advised it's going to be two days before you can head back home. >> not the answers people wanted, but no surprise considering the area is still hot, still hazardous and the number of structures lost is still being tallied. >> whether it's burned or pockets that burned- >> it's on old church about 120 years old. >> people are full of questions
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about their homes and familiar landmarks. >> we did have residents that were involved in fire up on the hill. >> when the valley fire still accountive, firefighters continuing alive. this strike team of 19 drove all night from riverside county, southern california where the santa anas haven't begun to below yet. >> with the drought for four plus years, it has to come sooner or later. this seems to be the year. >> what we saw that strike team doing was guiding the spot fire down to the road, letting it burn so that the fuels are destroyed and they can't go up again if the winds come up again. ken and heather, the conditions were calmer for the ground fight today, but the air attack suffered. it's been so smoky up here. they could not get above this fire with the water. >> deborah, where you are right now, behind you it looks like it's quiet. there's no fire activity. you were talking to strike teams. how far away from middletown are those teams?
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are they still in the town? >> we drove right out of middletown on 175 up and we didn't having to very far before we went off the main road and found teams working. there's still a lot of fire. >> live in middletown tonight. the situation has led school officials in lake county to only classes tomorrow. let's check in with our meteorologist on the latest conditions. i'm sure this has to do with the fire that's taking place right now, people who are out of their homes, but you also have smoke and ash and all of that. >> we want to keep people safe in one location. the big deal were the winds. easily topping 30 miles per hour. that was the case yesterday. here's a closer look at the system. here's clear look and -- lake and that's where it started. as you can see out widespread, fire burning a lot to the south and east. so the main key factors we had,
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you've been hearing with every fire, the extreme drought. very hot last week, triple digits. yesterday we had winds around 30, possibly 35 miles an hour. those winds carrying the embers about a quarter to half a mile. with that we had spot fires in the area. so with that, we saw the rapid growth of the valley fire. take a look at the time line progression. saturday it started out with the fire 50 acres and growing. by 10:00 last night, 25,000 acres. this morning, just before 6:00, 40,000 acres and the most recent update from cal fire, about 3:30, 50,000 acres. the winds we had yesterday, not nearly as strong today. in fact, reports of calm winds. here's a look at the latest observations. temperatures are in the 70s for the most part and winds are around 12 miles an hour. the monday forecast, very important as you can see coming up, starting out the day for
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the morning hours, 7:00 a.m. in the 60s. calistoga could be 66 degrees and winds around 3 to 5 miles an hour. this will be the concern that will take us into the afternoon hours. you can see by 3:00, you'll see those winds increasing out of a defined direction. you can see the arrows out of the south and from the west. basically the arrows, wind coming from this direction increasing by about 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon we could have winds 16, 20 miles an hour throughout the afternoon hours. i'm surefire crews will be briefed on the wind shift and also an increase in the wind speeds. there's also the slight chance of a few sprinkles for tomorrow and a better bet later in the week. >> thank you very much. along a 35 mile stretch of highway 39 were chased from their homes as this blaze raged on. many are in he evacuation
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centers. tom baker checked in on how they are doing tonight. reporter: cal toga napa county fairgrounds became a mini city of at least 1,000 who fled the fire in lake county to this makeshift shelter. a shelter is often their own cars. many are awaiting word if they have a home to come back to. >> the whole street has been wiped out. i haven't seen for sure so that's just what i've heard. the resort above us was burned. the pool area below us is burned. we believe our house is gone. reporter: others already know all was lost. >> i've been raised there 12, 15 years. my dad worked hard for us to have that house. it's sat that all those memories are gone. reporter: they welcome their lake county neighbors including the athletic boosters who opened their concession stand kitchen at 5:30 this morning to prepare as much free food as needed. >> we sent out messages and had
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an over hemming response of students and athletes and teachers from our community that are here feeding their neighbors, providing donations, everything has been donated so far. reporter: many came with donations of anything someone could use. >> because it's the right thing to. did i have plans today, but god changed that, and it's the power of god that should bring us all together. reporter: together his children brought their toys so the other kids would have something to do while they wait. >> bringing stuffed animals, a book to read and make friends while we're out here. reporter: he brought the camping tent. >> it's a three bedroom tent. it's at home. i'm not camping. i believe it will get more use out here for a family to feel more comfortable as a home and shelter and privacy. reporter: people are beyond worried becoming worn out by the danger the drought brings. >> it is the fourth fire consuming a lot of acres at
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this point in time. i just -- i don't know. i'm just totally blown away that a group people would having to through this. >> and we have much more information about ways you can help those impacted by the valley fire on our website coming up a little bit later we'll talk with a representative from the red cross about relief efforts. gore brown is meet with the director of cal fire and office of emergency services tomorrow morning and we're told he will brief the media about the situation. earlier today he declared -- declared a state of emergency all due to the valley fire. other counties are under a state of emergency. this because of another fire, the butte fire. a is notle image is showing how bad this fire is. barnes street in middletown before the fire. there it is. on the right, here is what that
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same corner looks like now. all the homes down that street wiped out. the valley fire burned so fast, people who lived in the path had little time to get out. we got a firsthand look on what this did to middletown. reporter: in lake county, nothing looks the same. yesterday there were homes here. today, those homes are shells of what they used to be. >> it's the worst i've ever seen. reporter: calvin liggins hasn't -- higgins hasn't slept. all night the flames threatened the home he built. he didn't leave. >> i played don't let me house burn. i was very sincere, please. it was just like he said, fight it. they about sucked my pool out. reporter: his is the last home standing. all around him there are still flames where it seems there's nothing left to burn. >> my sister's house burned.
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reporter: surrounding everywhere he looked. >> the guy that owned the coffee shop burned. reporter: you're surrounded by burn. >> by burned houses. that's sad. reporter: a drive-through middletown a block off highway 29 and this is what you see, home after home burned to the ground. an apartment complex in ashes. this is not in a remote area. this is the big city for here. here there is deinstruction wherever you turn -- destruction. >> it was more like a firestorm. >> we had severe winds both yesterday afternoon and last night which really drove the fire from one side of the valley to the other. reporter: cal fire is still tallying the losses. more than 120 homes in hidden valley and the ranches alone. that doesn't include entire
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blocks in middletown that the fire reduced to rubble. >> this is what's really hard. oh, man. reporter: that fire burned through calvin's collection of cars. >> my '39 chevy two ton pickup. they're all burned. reporter: gone. >> you know, but they're all material, you know. reporter: the possessions are all gone. >> this is serious. reporter: but the ties to home remain. >> there's so many people displaced and so many people out there crying. reporter: even when there is no home to come back. >> it's going to take a long time to rebuild. reporter: even though the fire has gone through middle down proper, cal fire wants people to resist the urge to come home and see what's left. that's because you can see back here, firefighters from alameda city are putting out spot fires. that's happening all over the place. they have things like power polls that could fall on people -- poles that could fall on people. they want to make sure it's safe before they come back
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home. well, as you can imagine, incredible photos and videos have been coming out of this disastrous situation. many are being posted to social media. we want to share a few of them. take a look at this. it shows a line of emergency vehicles, firetrucks there lined up to fight the fire. here's another photograph. if you take a look, in the back of that pickup truck is a horse. as the poster says, got to do what you got to do to save your families. that includes livestock and pets. here's not a photo but a video. it's hard to make out here, but this is what it looked like at the height of this fire. this is taken from the perspective of a homeowner. as you can see just a wall of flames encroaching on this person. we have one more to show you. it's another video, a little -- you were looking at that picture, those images before. now you're look teg aftermath. this is where mine and my
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families homes used to stand. this is what the poster is saying. the valley fire has taken everything from us starting from the ground up. as you know that video, that's pretty much what it did. the valley fire has proofed tough to battle for crews out there. four firefighters suffered second degree burns after helicoptering in this chopper into the fire zone yesterday. this is video of that same chopper. the crews were quipped with hand tools trying to protect homes and then something went wrong. here's a picture of one of them. all of them are in stable condition at the burn unit at uc davis medical center. we'll have more on the fires sill to come in ten minutes we'll get an update about it's strategy. in weather we have been cooling off all weekend long and a few extra clouds paying us a visit. we'll break down the sprinkles in your monday forecast and let you know we have warmups in the
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5-day forecast as well.
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the co and i want to see the community grow and thrive. every year we work with cities and schools to plant trees in our communities. the environment is there for my kids and future generations. together, we're building a better california. back now to our breaking news and the coverage of the valley fire. the associated press is reporting tonight that one person has died. another 27 are injured. the latest from cal fire is that 400 homes and businesses have been destroyed. officials say those numbers could easily climb higher once they're able to fully assess the damage. meantime it continues to
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burn out of control with 0% containment. it has spread across 78 square miles since yesterday afternoon. another massive wildfire continues to rage tonight in the sierra foothills. it has burned more than 65,000 acres. at least 86 homes have been destroyed and 6400 other structures remain threatened at this hour. the flames have forced thousands from their homes with mandatory evacuation orders. more than 4100 firefighters are battling this blaze that is 25% contained. all these fires, we had the major heat last week, a string of triple digit days. this week temperatures will be cooling off. on the storm tracker, you see clouds and sprinkles across the bay area, a few showers last night into this morning into the early portions of the afternoon as well. current numbers are in the 60s
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and even a few upper 50s to report for scant rosa. san francisco 58 and partly cloudy identifies. here is our live camera looking outside. it will be nice this this moisture will approach lake county. you can count on more clouds for tonight and also for your monday morning. here's our forecast model. still some higher crowds thought the afternoon hours. on monday there is a slight chance of sprinkles out there and the best bet to the north of the bay area. that's monday afternoon. then we'll take this into tuesday. partly cloudy skies but then another system moves in from the north feeling like fallout there. some energy moves in from the north. you'll see the cold front moving in on wednesday.
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that will be in the wednesday frat. not only here close to san francisco and san jose but a higher chance in lake county around the fire zone. here's the plan for tomorrow for your monday morning starting out the day with mostly cloudy skies, areas of fog. 7:00 a.m. temperatures 58 degrees. in the lunchtime lower 70s. there's the event you'll temperature range. no major heat. we will cool things off. mid-60s to the 70s, around 80 degrees with scattered clouds. the wind speeds will be picking up as well. winds can be approaching 25 miles an hour but 3:00. coming up at about 10:40 we'll look at the five day forecast and talk about that rain chance and let you know if we have any major treat talk about in the long rage outlook. we are continuing to stay on top of that massive wildfire burning in three counties. we'll have an update on the fight to contain the wildfire and the helppeople are getting as they spend a second night
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out of their homes.
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we're continuing to monitor the valley fire. the associated press is reporting tonight one person has died and 400 homes have been destroyed. those numbers are bound to change. thousands of people have been forced to evacuate and are spending the night in shelters tonight. among organizations working to help them is the american red cross. >> joining us on the phone is kathleen. i know that you have teams at the evacuation centers. what is needed right now. >> what is needed most right now for the red cross to help everyone up there is financial donations and those can be made
10:24 pm
through or calling 1-800-red cross or texting 90999 to red cross to make a $10 donation. that enables us to process the donations quickly and he efficient lee and get more specifics as to what exactly the individuals need. >> we've been hearing some reports -- and you can hopefully confirm this -- that there are scammers out there who are trying to take advantage of those valley fire victims by claiming to be journalists or some kinds of technicians who say they will go to their location to find out how their property is and then presumably burglarize that property. do you have any information on that? exact lien, can you hear me?
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-- kathleen, can you hear me? seems like me may have lost or connection with the red cross. we had been hearing those reports and we were trying to find out if the red crass knew anything about it. word to the wise, anybody who is watching affected by this fire is to carefully check the credentials of anyone who might be claiming to have of assistance. here again the information to assist the american red cross. you can make a $10 donation by texting red cross to the number 90999. we'll have more on the fire coming up in about five minutes but we have some other news to tell you about tonight at 10:00. firefighters rescued dozens of kayakers in the bay. here's video. rescuers were sent to help 54 kayakers will 10:00 last night because of sudden windy conditions and rough water. it took about three hours to get everyone out of the water.
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one kayak had flipped over and two of those people needed medical attention for hypothermia. most of the kayakers were part of a tour in search of sea light. everyone was wearing a life jacket. a bar is taking steps to ease crowded trains. the transit agency plans to put more cars into service for the morning commute head nothing san francisco and some routes will even have longer trains. bart recently added trains on the pittsburgh bay point line. our coverage continues on the firefighting efforts. people are flooding evacuation centers. we'll take you back out to the fire lines for a live report ♪ great change . radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently.
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back now to our breaking news on the valley fire. state officials are reporting that the fire has killed one person, injured 27 others and destroyed more than 400 homes. we want to get the very latest on the situation on the ground from cal fire. daniel, the last update we got was it was 50,000 acres. we are several hours in the last time you gave an update the size of this fire. do you ever any additional information on just -- do you have any additional information on how big this fire is. >> we're still estimating 50,000 acres have burned. it has burned because winds have pushed the fire in several different directions. yesterday, primarily it was burning to the southeast pushing it down through middle down to the border of lake and napa counties. today it is pushed closer to
10:30 pm
napa county as well into sannoma county -- sonoma county. we continue to protect the thousands of homes that were threatened by this fire. >> talking about the direction of the fire, you're saying it's just spreading outward in every direction? it's not going in one specific area? >> correct. throughout the day, the winds have shifted in several different directions. we saw fire activity in the morning hours on the northern edge of the fire. that caused additional evacuations along the highway 29 soda bay area. then we started to zoo some -- see some fire activity on the western edge of this fire. it continued to move and threaten more homes. fire pushed south and into napa county as well. so that has challenged our firefighters were growth on this fire from multiple
10:31 pm
directions. >> you mentioned it was pushing into sonoma county. where. >> the fire is on the boarder of lake and sonoma counties. it's burning into the area known as the geisers. it's the power facility that is located there. it is the general area where it's end erg. >> there seems to be confusion about this associated press report that one person has died from the fire. do you have any information to shed light on that? >> unfortunately, there is a report that a fatality -- fatality did occur with how quickly it spread and put thousands of residents lives in harm's way last night. firefighters worked hard to get them out of the area, but the possibility that somebody did not get this warning and was
10:32 pm
not able to get out successfully does exist. again, one report has been made for -- that a fatality did occur. we are working closely with the sheriff's department to confirm whether or not that has actually happened. again, last night was such a dangerous fire fight that it's amazing that we have not had earlier reports of injuries or fatalities of civilians. we're hoping that this does not -- is not true, but, again, it would not be surprising given how quickly it spread and how dangerous this fire has been. >> but the short answer is you don't know for sure if a person has in fact died from the fire? >> that is correct. at this point, it's just a report. we have in confirmation. >> what about injure sneeze we were also hearing that at least 27 people have been injured. down anything about that? >> so far, the injuries really have been kept to the four firefighters that were injured yesterday. they suffered second degree burns from the fire as they
10:33 pm
were attacking it. they still remain in stable condition. they are in good spirits, all four are with their families. they are recovering. they have a long road ahead of them, but right now we continue to stress with our firefighters making sure we're getting those residents outs of harm's way so we don't have any injuries or our own firefighters. >> i wanted to get to the cause of that fire. this is the third major fire in a very close approximate i amity to each other. you have the rocky fire, the jerusalem fire and then this fire. i understand this was caused by a structure fire is there any connection to any of these fires and possibility of arrests en are are arson. >> there's nothing to believe these are connected. lake county has been hit hard over the past several months with wildfires especially large growing fires. however, we have seen fire activity across calvin crease. now, lake county has seen a lot
10:34 pm
of large damaging fires, but a lot of other smaller fires caused by a variety of different causes. we had an individual spark a fire during the jerusalem fire. he put it on the ground to gave his own property. we have other residents sparking fires in that area using power equipment. there's no rhyme or reason to any connection. the only similarity is the fact that conditions are so dry, it doesn't take much for a fire to spark and ignite very quickly. >> daniel, final question, moving forward, looking ahead, we have right now zero% could not sane -- 0% containment. what is how are they going to contain this fire. >> we have nearly 1500 firefighters battling this fire. we are continuing to bring more. tonight we're going to continue building lines, prague trying to put a line around this fire hoping it will knolled those lines while other firefighters are working to keep this fire as it is burning active leah
10:35 pm
way from homes. we want to keep them safe. it's been a very deinstructive fire. our goal is to do structure protection if they have chosen not to evacuate. tonight we're going to continue to work throughout the evening hours, throughout the early morning trying to take advantage of the coral temperature, the higher humidity and hopefully a decrease in fire activity. >> thank you so much. we wish your crews the very best as they get some sort of containment on the valley fire. >> let's go back to the fire zone and get an update on the situation. we are live from middletown. we burned from cal fire. these fire crews work 24 hours a day at least in different shifts. so i imagine there's firefighters near where you are right now hard at work and they're going to be out there all night long. >> yeah. the fire crews within the last hour or two had come from southern california. they left last night at 10:00.
10:36 pm
they got here today at 2:00. they've been on the fire line all afternoon and into the evening. they weren't planning to get a -- planning to get a break any time soon. they are dedicated and willing to help out. we're in middletown right now. i was listen to him talk about the mad rush everyone had to make to get out with their lives and it's really evidence here that there was no time. i mean, look at the burned cars. if you had time, of course, you know, you would be grabbing your belongings, your vehicles, and making an orderly evacuation, but this was a scramble. this looks like a garage, hey bee a commercial garage. there's toolboxes and such in the back. it looks like a big garage door. then this is just one of many properties in a row on this street burned to the ground. to give you an idea where we are, look off to the right. that's highway 29 where you see the lights. that's the main road that goes
10:37 pm
into middletown. we're not out in the boonies here. this is central middletown. that's the shell station lights. if you know middletown and you come in from calistoga, that chevron station is an intersection and ableist that many people might recognize. now, the commercial district itself actually held up okay. we went 20 minutes away and saw a lot more destruction. let's look at that. it's along highway 175. we drove up the way the fire came down. we saw so many barns and homes and cars charred, including a well-known reassort. going further on up, that's where we saw the fire crew from riverside county, southern california, 19 of them working a hillside. the heat and crackle we saw was incredible. they were monitoring it with hoses and shovels and hander tools to guide it and keep it from getting going.
10:38 pm
you can just imagine when you look at the heat and the flames and just a small hillside and then you mult fly out and -- multiply that out and imagine that's outside of your house, just the panic and fear people must have felt trying to get away. so it's going to be days and weeks and months of recovery here. this is really very devastating to look at what's happened in cob, and middletown. one gives i'm told between this fire and the last two, the rock y and jerusalem is those fires were steep, but they were burning a low grassy area. once that burns, it's done. it's not going to burn again whereas this fire was in timber. that takes the fire up high. it creates a canopy. a tree can reignite because it can hold on to the fire. it's a lot trick yes, sir to
10:39 pm
fight than when -- trickier to fight when they're up like that. >> i know you mentioned that there has been a lot of homes lost in the area where you are. have you done any sort of tally yourself in the area where you are right now as to home homes have been destroyed? >> well, just walking down the street, i saw maybe eight or nine and then it turns and curves and there are more on the adjacent street and then on the opposite side of the street, i saw a house standing. we see this sometimes when they come into the urban inter face as they say and enters into subdivisions and it's very sporadic and chancy which houses are going to catch fire and which ones aren't. most of the homes on this street appear to be gone but occasionally you'll see one damaged but not burned all the way down. >> thank you. it's one thing to be in a fire and see one house destroyed but to see an entire neighborhood,
10:40 pm
an entire community burned down is completely sad. our valley fire coverage continues after the back. our latest on how the vaquez are doing as they settle down for the evening. the cool down in the bay area, it continues. but will the forecast help fight firefighters up north? we will be here next with your forecast.
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10:42 pm
live in calastoga. >> reporter: where hundreds of
10:43 pm
people are spending the night here because they have nowhere else to go. this is the encampment, many many people sleeping in their cars or sleeping outside in sleeping bags because they have no such shelter. evacuees are betting down to the ground. spending much of the day trying to make contact with friends and neighbors who fled as well. there is good reason to be concerned that this freight train of a fire storm may have taken more than one life. a very remote place where many senior citizens do. >> i know there's a lot of people who don't have internet access. there's a lot of elderly people. i don't know if people got out because we didn't get a
10:44 pm
warning. i left because i didn't have a good feeling. we had 30 minutes to get out and the fire was right there. >> reporter: this is going to be a long night of uneasiness because people are going to be worried about what is going on with their homes and everywhere else. i don't expect there's going to be much rest tonight. consider this, this is what makes it all the worse. the next 45 days, the rest of september and october are the driest hots months in california. so what we're going to see could be made amplified that it's going to be hot enand drier. and that's the situation here from calistoga. >> at least the evacuees have a little bit to look forward to tomorrow. i understand they're getting showers, laundry services and internet and cell phone hook ups. >> reporter: well there's a little internet here in one hall. there is things coming in. and earlier today i saw a forklift which means things will start coming in. the red
10:45 pm
10:46 pm
as far as current numbers out there across the bay area showing you still some 60s and
10:47 pm
warmer 70s out toward antioch. 71. san jose 62 and santa rosa checking in 61 degrees. wind speeds locally here out to fairfield out of the southwest 24 miles per hour. some more wind reports for you out of sfo. winds out of the northwest at 10. livermore winds approaching 12 miles per hour. here's our live camera looking out toward the ocean estuary. lots of clouds expected in your monday forecast and possibly some drizzle first thing tomorrow morning. so here's a plan for tomorrow in fact. this system is kind of anchored to the north. we'll be keeping us cool. so no triple digits not much in the way of 90s. in fact, just 70s and 80s. this will stick around for your monday. so a chance of sprinkles and a cold front moves into the region that will be tuesday
10:48 pm
night into wednesday. we could see shower chances here locally. our forecast showers showing us the clouds and maybe a few sprinkles tomorrow morning. we'll take this into tuesday. partly cloudy skies but then look what happens into wednesday. wednesday about 1:00. look at this. this frontal system this could produce some rainfall up in lake county right around the fire zone. this could be good news as we head toward the wednesday forecast. we still have to wait a few days but that could be on track. partly cloudy skies temperatures will be in the upper 60s with winds out of the southwest at 15 miles per hour. forecast highs for tomorrow, no triple digits in fact, the warmest locations we're thinking about 82 degrees out toward antioch and brentwood. lots of clouds out there becoming partly to mostly cloudy so it's not going to be complete sunshine for your monday afternoon. we get a break with the heat. tuesday, there's our rain cloud. we gradually warm up those numbers later in the week and
10:49 pm
possibly another chance for warm temperatures. between now and then we're going to cool things up in the region. >> all right, thank you mark. we will have much more. >> the viewers helped send this bay area little league team to the championship. now the start of a new season, the expectations and the goal. the buttery jack was a huge success. people went crazy for a burger with melted garlic herb butter. now, here's the sequel... ...with portobello mushrooms. boom.
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goals for this year. >> ♪ >> reporter: warming up for a new football season and a new school year. >> it helps me stay out of trouble around you know where i live. around the hood. >> reporter: these 12-year-olds say football offers an escape. >> children fighting. >> reporter: from the gritty reality of what they see too often. senseless violence stemming from pity disagreements like turf wars, one young man says it's a struggle to distance themselves. >> i started fighting and i got suspended from school. but on this field in the season opening game. a lesson to be learned about getting along. >> i know that the world is not perfect. >> reporter: they're opponents with a similar background with gunfire is also a part of their neighborhood landscape. >> it's great to see these boys
10:53 pm
come together and have a great day of football. it's a brotherhood. >> reporter: all part of the youth football league. >> reporter: i came from areas like this where football was a way out. >> reporter: these players tell me the more time they spend on the field the less likely they'll be exposed to people and places they shouldn't be around. their goal, to stay safe. football won't solve the problem but the coach of the steels says, it's a start. >> we want this bond to go beyond the football field. we're family. >> reporter: focus, discipline and sportsmanship with an eye on a college education. >> i learned to stay active and accomplish my goals. >> reporter: the richmond steelers lost the blow out 51- 0. but this is only a battle in a struggle to save lives. >> keep them off the streets. keep them out of violence. keep them in football. we ask you to continue to bless up. >> reporter: amber lee, ktvu
10:54 pm
channel 2. >> in jesus name we pray. amen. >> lots of success to them. we'll be right back. and disneyland is ours!" my frightful fiends, "going down!" "boo!"
10:55 pm
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at some point you just have to start playing good football. >> a very good idea. but short on the execution. in the raiders season opener today against cincinnati. >> the 49ers will be the final team to get the season on the way and they will do so not looking much like the niners. the giants dying hard as lee takes matters into his own hands. don't ve


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